5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Israel

When you think of “Amazing places to travel to”, Israel is not usually the first place that comes to mind.  That is changing though as many are starting to see the many benefits (and exciting opportunities) that reside when taking private tours in Israel.  In this article, I am going to outline 5 reasons why a trip to Israel should be on your to-do list.

Religious History

Whether your Christian, Muslim, or Jewish Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world to visit. Naturally being of these faiths going to Israel would bring alive the teachings that you may have been given about them.  For 1500 years Christians, Jews and Muslims have struggled over the Holy Land. whether it was a literal struggle or a heart condition struggle… it was a struggle just the same.  On your visit you would get to see the very tomb where the Bible says they laid Jesus. You can visit the open-air markets that the Bible/Coran speaks of and get lost in the variety of smells and sights. Take a stroll down the maze of narrow streets where great kings, emperors, and soldiers and feel their footsteps beneath you. Visit an open-air market and listen to the many language and dialects barter for the best price. Israel embraces the present but holds such a rich past it can never be forgotten.

The HUMMUS capital of the world (at least one of them).

No one really knows where hummus originally comes from. What we do know is that hummus is the Arabic word for chickpeas and thus originates in the Middle East. Israel shares the claim to be the hummus capital of the world.  There are restaurants dedicated to just hummus, one of those being the Hummus Bar in in Netanya.  The Hummus Bar is an institution in Netanya and the owner has been preparing multiple varieties of the dish for years. It is always served up with pita bread, pickles, olives, onion and tomato.  What more could a hummus lover ask for out of a visit.  Delicious humus and while enjoying a genuine Israeli atmosphere.

Life is a “beach” there…literally.

At just 8,630 square miles, Israel is a considerably small country, (about the size of New Jersey) but it boasts 170 miles of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea offering many beach options for visitors. Among them is a religious beach, surfing beaches, gay friendly beach, and dog beach just to name a few.  Driving from the northern tip of Israel to the southern tip takes about six hours. That is a short amount of time to experience so much diversity in the variety of landscape, people, and places you can find along the way.  it is no longer your parents church trip… it is indeed a Mecca.  


Imagine swimming in the infamous Red Sea or Camel riding as if you are right out of Lawrence of Arabia. The weather in Israel is beautiful year round so it doesn’t matter what time of year you are visiting. Many of the activities and sights offered are kid friendly such as the Masada which is a ancient fortress built in 30BC meets theme park.

If the beach is not your cup of tea there is hiking , biking, mountain climbing to choose from as well.

Israel moves ahead with the times while continuing to play homage to the past better than any other country known.  The rich history is what makes it desirable while it’s current-ness makes it relevant.

Year-round travel weather.

Finally, the climate is very temperate…you have the ability to visit major cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem year-round.  Although there are desert cities like Eilat that can be very hot in the summer, it gives you a great excuse to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.  As a whole…it is a little rain and tons of sun…great for anyone.

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